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The Transformers: Age of Extinction Trailer that aired during the 2014 Super Bowl is Found Below
It has over 6 Million Views.

Congratulations to Heather Danner, who will appear in another record-breaking Transformers, Film: Transformers: Age of Extinction starring Mark Wahlberg!

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  • Congratulations to our amazing Emmy-Nominated Co-Director, Andy Lauer, who just appeared in another record-breaking Iron Man Film:  IRON Man 3!  See the two trailers below..


Iron Man 3 Trailer #1 – Over 20 Million views.

Iron man 3 Trailer #2 – Over 57 Million views.

In an article titled, ‘Iron Man 3 Already Obliterating Box Office Records Worldwide,’ Wired Magazine reports that “The third installment in the hugely popular franchise opened in more than 40 countries last weekend and was the most popular movie in each and every one of them, earning a whopping $195.3 million in its first five days. To put that in perspective, that amount represents a staggering 79 percent of the entire box office take beyond the United States for that period. Iron Man 3 has earned more [in the box office] internationally in five days than Captain America: The First Avenger made in its entire theater release overseas.”



The Beauty of Decay is not affiliated with Transformers or Iron Man 3 in any way, manner or form.

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